Expansion of the breeding base

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Reasons for the extension of the breeding base

Expansion of the breeding base
To maintain diversity, we need to expand the breeding base

Breeding the dog breed Puli is a wonderful thing. We have described the important guidelines for the German Puli Club (PuK) in great detail in our menu item breeding. But this is not about these guidelines. Rather, it should be emphasized that the so robust and original Hungarian shepherd dog Puli is now only bred with few males and females. As a consequence, new puppies are born from a few similar matings. This does not only apply to breeding in Germany. Other countries and also the country of origin of Puli - Hungary - are also aware of this challenge. For this reason, it is very important to expand the breeding base so that this dog breed with its successful combination of special appearance, robust health and charming character can be maintained.

Many talks with other Züchtern outside the PuK and other persons responsible for the Puli population have shown that there is a willingness to work more closely together in this field. Hungarian Züchter expressly welcome the fact that we want to preserve the Puli in its diversity here in Germany. A transnational and better blending of the lines should also succeed with the support of breeders from other countries.

What contributes to an expansion of the breeding base?

Many Pulis that we know go back to only a few common ancestors. This makes it clear that the genetic diversity is manageable. In order to change this, the Puli needs a strong mixing of his genetic make-up with Pulis, which were not so often used in breeding. It would even help if the brother or sister of a frequently used Puli would bequeath his or her genetic make-up. Siblings have received a completely different combination of genes from their parents. So they carry valuable other aspects of this diverse breed within them. Since you can't necessarily tell the Puli from the relatives, we are happy about every Puli that we can and may take a closer look at.

But also Pulis, which are simply loved without thinking of breeding or people who don't appreciate a Clubsleben, can contribute a lot to the diversity of the breed. The German Puli Club is very cosmopolitan and welcomes everyone who shares the same passion for our Hungarian shepherd dogs.

Maybe you have brought a Puli from Hungary or another country and it has FCI papers that you have not noticed before. This could be very valuable for Puli breeding. Show us your Puli and your papers, we are very curious.

Many so-called Puli hybrids have come to Germany in recent years. But often it is not even clear whether they are really hybrids. Or maybe you know for sure that it is a purebred Puli, because you know the parents. In our Club there are experts who can assess in advance whether it could be a Puli. If this is the case, it is possible that a breeding judge will recognise the dog as Puli and the dog will then be entered in the Clubsregister. This makes unknown but potentially new genes available for breeding. Talk to us.

Call to the world of Puli lovers

If you have a Puli and this is not yet known to the German Puli Club, please contact our chief breeding supervisorin.

We are interested in Pulis with and without pedigrees. Of course, a pedigree makes it easier to search for the ancestors of the respective Puli. Nevertheless, there is also the possibility of register papers being issued. Registration papers are issued by the Club and are, in simple terms, a certificate from a breeding judge that the Puli is phenotypically, i.e. in appearance, a Puli. In the register paper, the entries for the ancestors simply remain empty, but it is a full document.

Especially we would be very happy if Züchter of this great breed would contact us, who have their home in other countries. So we know that also a lot of Pulis live in Serbia, the Czech Republic, the Ukraine etc. We are pleased about every contact.

Let us together preserve the Puli as a Hungarian shepherd dog, so that this original and robust dog breed will also give a lot of pleasure to our children and grandchildren.


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