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LinksThis page should give you valuable suggestions for further links. They complement the pages of our Verein, the German Puli Club. For the sake of clarity, we have arranged them by category. Use these links, for example, to learn more about the Puli in our friendly clubs.

If other internet portals seemed important to us to give you a completely different view on buying a puppy or choosing a breeder, we have listed them as well. We are of the opinion that we want to provide you with good information. Because the selection of a dog breed or the choice of the right breeder for you determines the coming time your living together with your new four-legged friend. And that should be as joyful and happy as possible.

Around breeder


Friendly associations all over the world


Collection of other interesting links


New homepage

When creating the new homepage we could rely on helpful organizations, which we would like to list here:


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