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The special breeding judges for the Puli breed

The German Puli Club has with these judges very experienced breeding judges of the VDH for the dog breed Puli. The standard for our Hungarian Shepherd Dog shows breed typical characteristics, which play an important role in the correct evaluation. Without the exact knowledge of these peculiarities, both the nature and the physique are not properly understood.

We are therefore very pleased to present these competent breeding judges for the Puli breed here at


Breeding judge Edith SchönEdith Schön
Flurstr. 34
90530 Zirndorf
0911-6 00 31 37



Breeding judge Istvan CsikIstvan Csik
Grubenstr. 98
66540 Neunkirchen




Breeding judge Guido SchäferGuido Schäfer
Koblenzer Str. 4d
56759 Imperial ash




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