Puli and art

The Puli and Art

Der Puli als treuer Begleiter wird auch auf Bildern in der Kunst festgehalten
The Puli was also depicted in art because he guarded the courts in Hungary so much that they were often shot in the war.

Puli and art - to be admired even on paintings

The contemporary painting can be admired in an American museum. It shows the then President Nixon, Hungarian freedom fighters and of course a Puli. So the Puli made it into art.

The uprising in Hungary during the "Cold War".




Puli and art - even on stamps the Puli makes a good figure

The Hungarians proudly show their national dog!
By the way, you can see that the Puli is suitable for herding cattle. Hungarian shepherds have used the Puli in cattle as well as often in large flocks of sheep. The history of the Puli is very eventful and has experienced ups and downs. There is a press article from 1931 about the Hungarian shepherd dogs.

Even in Mongolia, they value the Puli. The Puli is no longer found only in Hungary. In many other countries the characteristics of the Pulis were also appreciated.

Here we show three stamps, on which Pulis are to be seen.

Der ungarische Hütehund oder auch Hirtenhund genannt hütet sowohl Schafe als auch Rinder
The Puli as the herding dog of the Hungarian grey cattle is impressively represented here.
Eine Briefmarke mit einer rassetypischen Behaarung und aufmerksamen Charakter
The Puli with its wonderful villi represents the pride of the Hungarians
Puli head and Puli in action and all that on a stamp
The herding dog Puli at work. He was worth up to one year's salary as a shepherd dog to the Hungarian in earlier years.

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