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Future PuK events

all-day Events - Covid 19 @ all over Germany
Events - Covid 19 @ all over Germany
Nov 21 – Dec 31 all-day
Events - Covid 19 @ all over Germany
Nice meetings and comfortable sitting together like on the photo are unfortunately not possible nationwide at the moment. So there will be no more PuK event this year. The meetings of the LG Süd and LG West were cancelled. We will inform you as soon as we see a possibility to convene the meetings. We hope that next year in all our National Groups meetings will be possible again and that Pulifriends can meet again. Stay healthy and hopefully see you soon!
all-day Club show weekend 2021 @ Germany
Club show weekend 2021 @ Germany
Nov 28 – Dec 30 all-day
Club show weekend 2021 @ Germany
Despite Covid 19, we would like to plan our big annual event "The Club Show Weekend" with optimism. It will be hosted by LG Süd in 2021 and will take place on a weekend in September. Our breeding judge for the club show on Sunday will be Edith Schön, we are very happy about that. The supporting programme will be organised under the direction of Meike Allespach and a team from the Club. The youth camp with Stephan Klautke and Jeanne Möwius will then also take place in a larger setting with many children. Where and when exactly the weekend can take place, we will let you know as soon as possible. The Dt. Puli Klub hopes very much that we will meet our Pulis in good health despite Covid […]
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Puli in Not

Puli in need

Wir kümmern uns darum, dass Pulis die in Not geraten sind, an geeignete neue Besitzer vermittelt werden. Dafür nutzen wir unser Netzwerk und auch den Kanal dieser Homepage. Wenn Pulis aus unserem Verein und der FCI Zucht Hilfe benötigen, unterstützen wir, um sie in gute und liebevolle Hände zu geben.

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    Our breeding in the German Puli Club

    • Breeder


      Our Club has set itself the goal of preserving the wonderful breed Puli in its species and diversity. The breeding in the German Puli Club is subject to the Puli Standard of the FCI, because it describes the breed typical features and characteristics. Furthermore, every Puli breeder has chosen a breeding goal for himself, which is especially important and worth preserving. With the breeding goal the breeder puts a special emphasis on certain characteristics, such as the cord or certain traits that make up the Puli. We have collected various questions and answers about the Puli Puli dog breed under the menu item "Frequently asked questions". There you will also find the topic breeding.

    • Stud dogs

      Stud dogs

      Our stud dogs are thoroughly checked. They are examined for HD, PL and hereditary eye diseases. Finally, they are approved for breeding by a breeding judge. The German Puli Club (PuK) wants to protect this very original and rare breed and keep it healthy. By consciously choosing Puli stud dogs, they will pass on to their offspring exactly those special Hungarian traits and characteristics that make this breed so unique. Since there are only a few Puli, the selection of breeding partners is even more important. Because to preserve and promote the diversity of this breed Puli is an essential goal for our breeders. Here you can see an overview, where our males for Puli breeding in Germany live and which range of colour and great temperament is available.

    • Puppies


      Such a litter of little Puli puppies is always a wonderful adventure. And every puppy already has its own personality. Watching them grow up and discovering the world anew with them in the first weeks is an experience our breeders are happy to share with you. We are hobby breeders and put our heart and soul and our many years of experience into breeding the bright Puli. Healthy parent animals and a variety of positive experiences in puppyhood are invaluable when it comes to finding a new roommate for the next 15 years. All announcements about Puli Puppies can be found on our homepage. If you have any questions about the small and large Puli, our breeder and/or our puppy mediation will be happy to help you personally.

    Our Züchter

    • Puli breeder ""von den Anglersachsen""/"of the Angler Saxons"

      Puli breeder ""von den Anglersachsen""/"of the Angler Saxons"

      We, that is Ute and Steffen Täuber with son Theo and the shaggy animals Neely and Adele. Because we can be found in Hoyerswerda (in Saxony) and because we are anglers, we chose the kennel name "von den Anglersachsen". We were immediately enthusiastic about Cimbo in Dresden and what probably nobody thinks of a Puli when they see it, it doesn't smell unpleasant at all!

    • Puli breeder "Dreads On Paws"

      Puli breeder "Dreads On Paws"

      We, that is my husband Axel and me, are sure: without Pulis we would lose something valuable! We are completely under its spell! Therefore our aim is to offer Puli friends and especially lovers of this breed something special - a little Puli puppy.

    • Puli breeder "Krambambulis"

      Puli breeder "Krambambulis"

      Almost ten years we are breeders with our Puli Kennels "Krambambulis". Now it is time for us to introduce and justify that our cute little Pulip puppies are named after a schnapps. Yes, I admit it, Krambambuli is a Danzig cherry brandy and sometimes our Pulis behave as if they get it in their drinking bowl in the morning.

    • Puli breeder "vom Müllersgrund"

      Puli breeder "vom Müllersgrund"

      By chance I came to the breed Puli and was immediately fascinated by his great character, temperament and appearance. My goal in breeding is to maintain the genetic diversity in order to continue to provide healthy, robust Pulip puppies. It is also very important to me that the puppy harmonizes well with his new family.

    • Puli breeder "vom Wiembach"

      Puli breeder "vom Wiembach"

      It was clear that Motte will be the first bitch from our kennel "vom Wiembach". Why I want to breed? Because I would like to pass on the joy in and with the Puli to others. It is very important to me as a breeder that I find exactly the right person for my puppies for the whole Puli life.

    • Puli breeder "von den Zottelbärchies"

      Puli breeder "von den Zottelbärchies"

      "A Puli's not a dog, it's a Puli." This is proven to us every day anew by our Puli girl Maja. Clever, playful, cuddly, but also decisive and demanding. A fascinating being and this fascination we would like to share with others.

    • Puli breeder "von den zotteligen Gefährten" / "of the shaggy companions"

      Puli breeder "von den zotteligen Gefährten" / "of the shaggy companions"

      I've had Pulis for almost 25 years. I can no longer imagine life without these shaggy companions. He is faithful, persistent, agile and friendly. Furthermore, he has a unique personality. These characteristics, as well as its genetic diversity, are important for me to preserve in my breeding. I would like to share our Puli luck with many people.

    • Puli breeder "von der plietschen Deern"

      Mieze is our little charming Puli bitch. She recently got a playmate named " " As a puppy she brings a lot of extra life into our house. With these two wonderful creatures, life is just great.