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The Club for the Puli dog, German Puli Club (PuK) e.V.

The name says it all! It is no coincidence that the abbreviation of our Club combines the terms Puli and Klub in the three letters "PuK" . The promotion of our dog breed Puli - a medium-sized Hungarian shepherd dog - is always connected with a lively and active club life.

With this, as we believe, successful symbiosis of the two main topics "Puli breeding" and "club life", the German Puli Club is committed to the preservation and distribution of this rare and special breed of Puli dogs! It is supported by the active cooperation of the members and an active club life, which has something to offer for everyone throughout Germany with various events around the Puli Hund.


The Puli is a very original Hungarian shepherd dog, whose most striking feature at first glance is its unusual coat. The twisted hair of the pulis, called cord, immediately brings to mind the dreadlocks of the Rastafari with their most famous representative Bob Marley. But the Puli has much more to offer than just its special look and should definitely not be reduced to that.

Therefore we have described the Puli for you in detail and comprehensively on our homepage. A quick overview is provided here under the heading "Frequently asked questions".

For the PuK, the Puli is a particularly lovable and worth preserving dog breed. The fact that there are only a few hundred animals in Germany is an important reason for us to promote this rare breed through a special breeding club.


The German Puli Club is a non-profit purebred dog clubbreeding club under the umbrella of the "Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen (VDH)" (Association for the German Kennel Club), which is responsible for the controlled Dog Breeding and feels responsible. This is not about issuing certificates of nobility or discussing the most beautiful Puli in an elitist circle. It is rather about the preservation of the health and the unique character of this very intelligent old breed of Hungarian shepherd dogs and the preservation and distibution of the Puli breed.

A great contribution of this is made by the committed and responsible breeders in our Club. They choose their parents for mating with care, look after their litters with a lot of heart and soul and lovingly accompany the rearing of the puppies until they move to their new families.

On the other hand, we share the joy of our great Pulis of course also through a lively club life. To be closer to our members, PuK has five country groups. These are each led by an experienced Puli expert.

Our Club German Puli Club

Having fun together with other Puli friends at the numerous regional and national events such as walks, Puli rallies, training weekends etc. is very important to us. It is not unusual that long-standing friendships develop between our members. We try to provide offerings for everyone to participate by offering a wide range of activities. The annual club meeting with participants from all over Germany is always a special highlight. Questions from interested parties or new Puli owners will be answered at all events and visitors are always welcome.

So there are many good reasons to become a member of the German Puli Club!


our members are

The Puli is a very old but rare Hungarian dog breed. To keep this shepherd dog in his versatility and to share the joy of this wonderful breed with as many like-minded people as possible is our goal. We are a cosmopolitan and family-oriented club, where every two- and four-legged friend is welcome. No matter whether Puli, other pedigree dog or mixed breed, on common walks you can philosophize and exchange experiences and thoughts about your four-legged friend. Our events are sociable and informal and live from the fun of the members in the common activities with our dogs. And of course the Pulis have a lot of fun when they can romp with the other Pulis. To share this joy is what makes the community in our club.

and the Puli dog breed

Our breeders are conscientiously and passionately committed to preserving the diverse manifestations of the Pulis together with its lovable, intelligent character in breeding. At the moment there are about ten to fifteen breeders with Puli bitches in Germany. These in turn have about fifteen to twenty Puli males available as possible partners. This means a very limited choice for breeding in Germany. Abroad, the situation is often not much better with males that meet the necessary requirements. However, for a healthy population of the Puli breed it is very important that not always the same matings are chosen.

Rather, we at the German Puli Club are constantly striving to refresh the breeding of this robust breed of dog by using new breeding lines. Some breeders have therefore deliberately brought in a bitch from abroad, e.g. from the motherland of Puli - Hungary, in order to contribute to the maintenance of a versatile gene pool for the breeding of the Hungarian Shepherd Dog Puli.


In 1989 some Puli breeders and Puli lovers decided to do something for the Puli breeding in Germany which was on the ground. For this reason they founded the "Deutscher Puli Klub" (PuK) e. V. on 11.11.1989 for this purpose. The main aim was the planned breeding of hereditary healthy Pulis with a strong character.

In order to create a solid basis for this, membership of the Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen e.V. (VDH) was applied for. This in turn is a member of the worldwide umbrella organization "Federation Cynologique International" (FCI). The prerequisite for VDH membership was the fulfilment of the strict conditions of the VDH with regard to breeding potential, the statutes and all breeding regulations. Therefore, the provisional admission for three years was confirmed to PuK in January 1991. After these three years, we were able to apply for ordinary membership in the VDH, which was granted in 1995.

The association grew from originally seven members to currently almost 200 members. The trend is still upwards. Not only our breeders, whose number has increased from three at that time to thirteen now, but also the Puli lovers obviously feel comfortable and well cared for with us.

Our club magazin "PuK-aktuell", which appears three times a year, reports in an attractive form on all topics concerning the Puli. Health, education, care and breeding issues are addressed. Therefore, we attach great importance to the often very entertaining contributions of our members.

Do you want to become a member? Then simply download the Admission Form (with the Privacy Policy Information Sheet).

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