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How we get in contact

Puli Kirby on the beachWe are happy about every contact with Pulifreunde, so there are many ways to reach us. Either write us an email to one of the various contact persons in the German Puli Club or call us directly. If you would rather get to know us personally, then come to one of the many different Puli events, you are very welcome. At our events there are various possibilities to get the questions answered directly with our members and breeders  in personal conversation. You will also experience the Puli up close.

Choose the most convenient way for you to contact us.

Headquarter and office of the German Puli Club

German Puli Club
Barbarastr. 4a
48734 Reken
02864 - 9430545

Our contact persons

We have set ourselves up for you in such a way that you can contact our regional coach.  If you have any questions about puppies, our puppy mediation will be happy to help you with advice. Also our breeding wardens and breeders are at your disposal. Have you already looked at our page of the breeders or the announcements of puppies?

We have also already compiled the frequently asked questions on the various topics for you.

Simply select the contact person and send your question. We look forward to having a conversation with you.


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    Map overview

    See here where the office of the German Puli Club is located.

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