New homepage 2017

The German Puli Club gets a new homepage

The project

The goal of this project is the transfer of the existing web presence into a modern and sustainable homepage. This should take into account the current state of the art. Accordingly, the focus is on the one hand on an attractive design that is correctly reproduced on all today's media such as mobile phones, iPads, tablets, PCs and Mac devices. On the other hand, the administration is also made easier by modern tools. In addition, the component-based structure enables the creation of an international multilingual web presence. The languages planned are Dutch, English, French, Spanish and Hungarian, which will be implemented in a second step.

The first step

A committee of members was set up to achieve this goal. They were selected on the basis of their experience to provide technical support for the various requirements of such a transformation. The board was particularly pleased that Christian Straub (Webmaster of theDeutscher Puli Klub) agreed to volunteer his time to the Homepage 3.0 project. The goal was to create a new homepage for the Club from scratch and to design it from scratch. He was supported by the committee, also on a voluntary basis, in an advisory capacity. Sabine Hornung, Eva Meyer and Katja Möwius took over the writing of texts and Catrin Moritz got involved with the successful selection of photos and their graphic reworking. Without these honorary members, the Homepage 3.0 project could not have been carried out on its own. Another very positive effect was that this honorary commitment of the committee saved the Club the expenditure of several thousand euros.


It is now about 10 years ago that the website of was redesigned. At that time the couple Kiel, Simone Stehl as designer and the board of directors sat down together and completely reworked the site. The focus was on the design of a new modern logo and a uniform appearance. In addition to the redesign of the official documents, the homepage also changed visually. This gave the German Puli Club a uniform appearance. Mr. Kiel was in charge of the website of the German Puli Club from the creation of the Homepage 2.0 until the end of 2016.


In close cooperation with his wife Gisela Kiel, who worked as public relations officer for the Club, the dream team couple Kiel was a committed and reliable pillar in the German Puli Club. Gisela and Eberhard have done an excellent job for many years, helping to make the Puli known. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for this great support.

The project description

For the current conversion to the new homepage, it is of central importance that the membership reports from the last 13 years are taken over. They document most impressively how lively, diverse and open the German Puli Club is. The descriptions of the Clubs and the Puli are generally overhauled and edited.

Easier publishing

An editorial system in the background allows new reports to be posted by appropriately trained members and National Groupsleaders. A final release is then given by the editorial staff.

Brief information

There is a new section "Frequently Asked Questions" on the homepage. Here are answers to frequently asked questions. Here the Puli prospective customer can inform himself about the most important questions immediately. We are continuously expanding this part of the website. Interested parties can make suggestions on further questions on the site themselves. Experienced Puli specialists then answer. If the question is also of general interest, we will publish the question with the corresponding answer.

Where is something going on

For the event area we use a modern event management system so that the National Groupsleaders can announce dates in their National Groups themselves. All events are graphically displayed on a map of Germany. In addition, categories make it easier to filter announcements and dates, and a search function allows you to search for specific Puli events.

The Blog

The Clubsleben with its activities throughout Germany is summarised in the form of a blog and can thus be experienced by visitors to the website. Here too, categories make it easier to browse the experience reports.


We have in the imagination of our Club the two pillars

  1. a responsible Puli breeding on the one hand and
  2. a living Clublife on the other side

is described as our Clubgoal. With the newly designed homepage we would like to meet this in the form of a modern and attractive web presence.

We are looking forward to numerous visitors of the new web presence and also gladly your feedback, how you like the new homepage.

This post is also available in: German Dutch


Conversion of the website into a modern and state-of-the-art homepage.


German Puli Club


- Suitable for mobile phones
- New design
- Multilingual
- easily maintainable



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