Puli in need

Why is a Puli getting into trouble?

If one loves a dog breed, then there should be no reason for a Puli to get into trouble. But we all know that this happens all too often. Looking at the internet, one can get the impression that the whole network is full of animals in distress. A closer look is therefore advisable in order to understand what is going on.

Getting to the root of the problem

Many people take care of animals in need. If one looks at the origin of the animals, it is noticeable that a certain part comes from very bad conditions in other countries. Often, killing the animal seems unavoidable if it is not saved. In some cases this is certainly the case. But if one detaches oneself from the individual fate, one can observe that masses of animals are rather brought to Germany than to get to the bottom of the causes. Stray dogs have always existed in certain countries. If you want them to stop reproducing, then the females or the males should be sterilized. We would be very pleased to receive letters from serious organisations that take care of this in a responsible manner. We will then be happy to link to these organisations to give readers the opportunity to obtain further information.

It is always easy to point to others so as not to have to do something yourself. We have on our homepage that we take care of emergency pulis. These pulis belong to our members and are in need of our help due to various reasons like divorce, move or death of the owner.

How can the Club support?

The German Puli Club feels obliged to help its members in such a situation. Therefore, in such cases we use our longstanding network and contacts to find a new home for the Puli as quickly as possible. Also the homepage with its enormous range contributes to the fact that maybe a visitor of our site falls in love with a Puli in need and decides to share his life with him. Here you can find Puli that is currently in need.

Our Club cannot take care of all the pulis in need. But what we can do is to accompany those Pulis that we have either helped into the world through breeding or that feel a part of our community of the club. Here we do everything we can to ensure that these lively, shaggy Hungarian shepherd dogs can continue to lead a happy life.

What this article cannot do

The topic of Puli in Need is very complex and it is hardly possible to present all facets of the causes here. Therefore we have chosen the above described cause, with which one can also make a contribution. We believe that we can make a contribution so that these Pulis have a bright future again.

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