Breeding supervisors

The breeding supervisors for the German Puli Club

Thus the breeders to have a competent contact person, there are several breeding supervisors in the club. On the one hand, these are active in an advisory manner in the sense of breeding and on the other hand, they also control the breeding sites and carry out litter acceptance. In the litter inspection the puppies are examined in their appearance and their behaviour by the breeding supervisor at the earliest from the completed 8th week of life. The breeding site and the condition of the mother bitch are also checked. The chief breeding supervisor is for the goals of the breeding in the German Puli Club and coordinates the activities of the breeding supervisors.

Main breed warden

Chief breeding supervisor Katja MöwiusKatya Möwius
Barbarastr. 4a
48734 Reken
02864-9 43 05 45

breeding supervisors

Office for Public Relations Eva MeyerEva Meyer
Schubertstraße 5
86368 Gersthofen
0173-7 02 96 27

Breeding supervisor Gerda HändschkeGerda Händschke
(honorary chairman)
At the Kochengraben 39
64688 Lautertal
06254-72 34

Breeding supervisor Petra HüberPetra Hüber
Am Mühlbach 17
73575 Leinzell
07175-16 20

Breeding supervisor Petra CaspelherrPetra Caspelherr

Schatteburger Str. 21
26817 Rhauderfehn
04952-8 29 62 66

Breeding supervisor Edith SchönEdith Schön
corridor 34
90530 Zirndorf
0911-6 00 31 37

Vera Mayer
Waldstr. 10
91227 Leinburg

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