Puli Puppies in the German Puli Club

Such a litter of little Puli puppies is always a wonderful adventure. They not only enrich the breeder, but also make it possible to get a puppy with the few Puli litters per year. There are only a few breeders in Germany, so with about 4 to 6 puppies per litter we are happy about every single little Puli puppy that sees the light of day.

Buy Puli PuppiesIf a breeder is planning a litter, our club will publish this on our homepage under Litter Planning. So it's not sure yet if the mating will really happen, but one can hope for a small Puli. Here it would be advisable to contact the respective breeder, so that they can take up their wish for a Puli. If the Puli bitch is mated and everything went well, you will find this under Cover report. When the Puli mum finally has her puppies, you can see this under current puppies.

You want a Puli Puppy?

Because there are always many questions around the small and big Puli, you can also contact any of our breeders and/or Mrs. Eva Meyer from our puppy agency. The easiest way to do this is via our contact page or this contact address:

Eva Meyer
Shuttle 16
86368 Gersthofen
+49 173 7029627
E-mail: welpen@puli.de

What do you have to pay attention to in general when you want to buy a Puli puppy?

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