Puli breeder "von den wuseligen Pfoten"

Puli breeder "von den wuseligen Pfoten"

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This is our Abby and my name is Charly Schneider and my pack lives in the beautiful Hunsrück in Belg.

My pack includes my wife Martina, my daughter Jenny and my granddaughter Daria. Of course, animals are also included: Dogs, cats, horses and guinea pigs.

You could say: We are all animal crazy!

Our 1st Puli

Since 2002 we have Pulis. We came to this breed more or less by chance. It all started with our beloved Wolfsspitz mix bitch (Buffy). I used to take Buffy to work with me. But Buffy could imagine better things than spending the whole day at the office and my boss also welcomed the fact that Buffy preferred to be at home.

So we were looking for a boyfriend for Buffy. We rummaged through newspapers and advertisements and in a daily newspaper we found an interesting ad: "Puli puppy for sale". First we had to look in a book to see what a Puli looks like and what size it is. Especially because of his unusual coat we became curious. So we went to the breeder. Arrived there two Pulis came towards us. They were the parents. Immediately I had fallen in love with this breed and when I saw Boomer, the little Puli boy, I knew he belonged to me. Boomer moved into our pet room.

Our kennel "von den wuseligen Pfoten"

In order to inform ourselves better, we researched the internet and so we came to the website of the German Puli Club. We had a lot of questions about this rare breed and found good care in the club and many new friends who love the Puli as much as we do.

We often took part in trainings and walks of the clubs and received more and more information about the Puli. I engage me as cashier at the club and was through the board work more and more thoughts of breeding. It takes a bitch and time. First the Bitch - our Abby moved in with us in 2015. A merry, friendly Puli-girl, whatever's around us bustle around and take good care of our pack, - we could see Abby as breeding bitch very well. She'd make a good mother, and I'm going in mid-2019 into a well-deserved retirement and have plenty of time for the loving Breeding of small Pulip puppies. So we came to the decision to breed from 2019 on.

Puli breeder of the "wuseligen Pfoten" sibling meeting

Abby has passed all the medical tests and a judge approved her for breeding in 2018, so all we needed was a suitable affix.

Since there are four of us, the choice of the affixes was not so easy, because you want to give your offspring a special "last name" ...to take with us on our journey. Finally we decided on the affix "von den wuseligen Pfoten"", because as described above, our Abby always scurries lovingly around us, so the affix for our breeding with Abby as our first breeding bitch, as if she was made for it.

Our breeding goal is to breed healthy, family-friendly to grow pulis. The Puli is such an original breed that it deserves is that we preserve them and make them better known.

We will do everything we can and we are looking forward so much on our first litter, which we have planned for summer 2019.

We are very happy about contact with people who are also interested in Pulis. Feel free to contact us:

Puli breeder of the curly paws portrait
Proud breeder Charly

Charly Schneider
Dorfstr. 12
56858 Belg
06543 – 3706

Impressions from the "wuseligen Pfoten"

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