Puli breeder "Dreads On Paws"

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Puli breeder "Dreads on Paws"

We - my husband and I - were finally able to fulfil our Puli dream in 2011. Dog meadows, literature and internet were rummaged through until by chance a little Puli girl crept in as a guest dog and wrapped us around her paw. We were electrified! That's exactly the kind of dog it should be! But we had to wait another 2 years for it. Then the miracle of the Chiemsee: 6 girls were born at the breeder "Krambambulis" and so we could soon visit our Krambambulis Bubbly Bandit: a sweet little then still dark masked falbe bitch. She immediately took our hearts by storm and we were overjoyed when we could finally pick her up. It was not always easy with her, because she had her own head! Just a self-confident little puszta princess. But how did we become the breeder "Dreads on Paws"?

Our first Puli

Puli breeder Dreads on paws Axel Tubbe

She loves mental sports and the common "man-trailing". This is much more exciting for them than "just" chasing the ball. That simply makes no sense in her eyes, and she shows you that clearly. After throwing and retrieving the ball a few times, she just looks at us and you can read in her eyes: "If you throw the ball away again, you can fetch it yourself". Bubbly our heart's coil!

She developed into a pretty, self-confident bitch and was healthy and lively. So the thought was obvious to breed with her maybe once. But before this plan could be put into action, Chili - the little white Puli devil - moved in with us in 2012. True to the motto: "Each of us should have a Puli".

Just like Bubbly, Chili has wrapped her charm around our paws. Even Bubbly could not resist and quickly adopted her as her baby. The two of them were a great team from the beginning - our Puli girls - our pride and joy!

Our kennel von den Dreads on Paws

Puli breeder Dreads on paws

Already with Bubbly's arrival we became a member of the Club "Deutscher Puli Klub" (short PUK). And already the question of breeding was a topic again, when very good results of Bubbly's health examinations and her show results came up. As biologists, we are well aware of the importance of maintaining genetic diversity, especially in small populations, and even increasing it. And so the foundation stone for our "kennel" was laid and our first contribution to the preservation of this wonderful breed Puli should come true quite soon.

For us there was no question: Breeding only in a serious and controlled way. The decision was quickly made to apply for an official affix under the VDH umbrella. Since that time we exist under the name "Dreads on Paws".

Our first litter

In July 2015 Bubbly was allowed to celebrate her wedding with our dream male Bobby Brown from the Powerpulis ("Rudi"). They liked each other from the first moment and this connection was crowned with success: Bubbly gave us 5 wonderful puppies on 29.09.2015 without any problems!

Also Chili was allowed to go to the birthing box after one week and both girls took care of the babies together. I would have liked best to sit at the whelping box. No - I (Ingrid) even slept next to them for 8 weeks. At night when they had to play the doorman and collected hundreds of piles. It is incredibly beautiful to watch a litter grow up. The little ones have become so dear to us during this time and when they were picked up by their new owners, tears flowed abundantly. Fortunately, we see our babies every now and then.

Pictures: A-litter

Have we made them curious? If so, please visit us and our two Puli girls or our homepage http://dreadsonpaws.com

Puli breeder Dreads on paws dialogue
Bubbly as a baby

We can be reached at:

Ingrid and Axel Tubbe
Mainzerstrasse 42
55437 Ockenheim
Phone: 06725-301219
Mail: tubbe@kabelmail.de

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