Puli breeder "von der plietschen Deern"

Puli breeder "von der plietschen Deern"

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The Puli breeders from the plietschen Deern - That's us; Meike and Michael an animal crazy couple from the cherry village Neunkirchen in the small Odenwald. Neunkirchen is a small village in the countryside and about 30 km from beautiful Heidelberg. Beside our Puli girl Mieze (3 years) still live with us the cats Wilma, Pixie, Cosmic Cat, Rufus and our old Persian male Rockefeller. Another animal passion of ours is sheep farming. We are involved in a sheep farmers' association and look after 25 East Prussian Skudden and 4 Shropshire sheep. Our flock of sheep grazes the lush orchard meadows of the community of Neunkirchen.

Our first Puli

The love for the dog began with us, as with so many people, at a young age. "Please, please can we get a dog".

Over many years we were accompanied by various mixed-breed dogs that came to us via the animal protection, before one day we became aware of the Puli and the desire for a Puli grew steadily. When our Leonberger male Pelle said goodbye to us at the age of 14 years, it was clear that our next dog must be a Puli! So in July 2015 the black Puli bitch "Lili du Domaine des vieux Bergers" (Mieze) moved in with us and we have been infected by Puli fever ever since. Our Mieze immediately enchanted us with her incorruptible personality, her intelligence and a distinct self-confidence. Soon we realized the meaning of the statement: "she is not a dog, she is a Puli".

The kennel "von der plietschen Deern"

Plietsche Deern - comes from Low German and means the following:

plietsch = smart, clever, cunning, bright

Deern = girl

Michael comes from Lübeck, always has a little longing for the sea and "snackte" (talked) in former times with his grandpa a lot of flat. Therefore we chose a Low German cattery name, even if we live in Southern Germany. The name "plietsche Deern" fits besides completely outstanding to our Pulihündin. Mieze is our girl, who wraps us around her paw every day with her clever, bright and smart way. This is how we came to our affix - "von der plietschen Deern".

Through the membership in the German Puli Club we got to know Katja Möwius, who gave us the impulse to think about the breeding plans with our Puli girl Mieze. As the health checks were very good throughout and because of her pedigree she could contribute to a good extension of the genetic diversity in the German Puli Club, we decided to embark on the adventure of dog breeding. At this point we would like to say a big thank you to family Möwius/Straub who supported us with all the preparatory steps for the breeding. It is very reassuring to have such experienced breeders and Puli people at our side for our breeding plans.

Our goal is a small but fine breeding, from which dogs are born, which are attentive, friendly and faithful companions for their master or mistress for a lifetime, make them laugh and conquer the world together with them. We would like to contribute to the preservation and promotion of this original breed, so that these unique dogs can continue to inspire many people in the future and the Puli will remain the Puli!

We can be reached at:

Meike and Michael Allespach
Leidengasse 2
74867 Neunkirchen
Mail: michiundmeike@aol.com
Phone: +49 (0) 6262 925033

Impressions from Puli breeder "von der plietschen Deern"

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