Puli breeder of Pulindo's

Puli breeder "of Pulindo's"

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Pulindo's = Puli & lindo's;
from the Spanish: beautiful, beautiful etc., so nice Pulis!

The Puli should definitely be in our cattery name and we wanted something Spanish, because Yvonne was in Spain more often as a child and she finds this language so beautiful and it sounds like temperament. Since our bitch was in heat, we wanted to register our kennel at short notice. We brainstormed the whole night and we also kept Katja awake until 2 a.m. via telephone conference so that she could participate in the creative success. We, that are Yvonne Stephan Klautke, Puli Peiren von Discher's Hoff Adenea (Inimini) and 1 rabbit + 1 guinea pig.

Puli grower of Pulindos Adenea and Peiren
Adenea and Peiren

We got to Puli very easily. Because of our aunt Dagmar, who has been breeding Pulis for a long time, only a Puli could be considered as a house dog. At the beginning of 2007 came the P-litter and it was only a matter of time until we were addicted to Pulimania. The chubbiest and sleepiest one has conquered our hearts, this one should enrich our family. We searched the internet for names with P and found Peiren: According to Greek legend, Peiren is the king of Corinth. That fit perfectly, because he lay very majestically in the puppy box. In the summer we participated in our first club show at the Pulitreff in Wedemark and we found great fun at shows. From then on, Peiren went on a title hunt. Our Peiren is a quiet, frugal, playful, child-loving and very people-oriented Puli male. He likes best balls, ropes and wood in all variations, but all this becomes uninteresting when a bitch in heat is around. That's how they are, the males! In 2009 we got to know breeder El Bouma from Holland, who still had a young bitch to give away. Since we went to a show in Amsterdam, we combined this event with a visit to Mrs. El Bouma to have a look at the little Puli bitch. We liked the tender, small, still a little shy Adenea (Inimini) at first go and took her with us to Peiren's delight.

Puli grower of Pulindos Inimini

Our balanced peiren showed Inimini that she can trust us and also other people and that she doesn't have to flee from every noise. Inimini is a mummy child, just like Peiren, and is very attached to Yvonne. She loves cats because she grew up with El when she was three. Now there were already six of us and the thought of opening our own kennel grew in us. At the beginning of 2010 we applied for our kennel protection and we could start. On 16.07.2010, on the birthday of Yvonne's father, the A - litter was born!

Puli breeder of Pulindos puppies very small
Puli breeder of Pulindos puppies in a package

Thank God Dagmar was at our side during the birth, she helped us to keep calm and to care for the little ones. Mother and puppies are well and are looking forward to growing up and to their new packs.

And of course we choose only the best for our puppies!

Puli breeder of Pulindos puppies 4 puppies in handOur breeding goal : We attach great importance to the fact that the puppies are descended from healthy parents. That means: the parents should not only be in top physical condition, but it is also important to us that they are strong. They should meet the breed standard: square, practical, good. Joking aside, our task is to get the little puppies used to humans right from the start. You should also get to know many dogs at a young age in order to strengthen the social system. We have to say that we are lucky that there are many dogs in our area. From young to old, it's all there. Of course, nutrition is also very important. We make sure that the little puppies all get enough breast milk or puppy milk. To ensure that the puppies grow big and strong, they are weighed at regular intervals. Later on, the puppies will get special puppy food and a nutrition plan, so that they are well taken care of at this age.
Of course our puppies are vaccinated, dewormed and chipped at the right age. All in all it is our ambition to maintain and present a healthy, strong, friendly and attentive Puli. And spirited they shall be, the "Pulindo's".
You would like to get to know such a beautiful little Puli? No worries.

fam. Klautke
telephone number: 05130 - 9542476
Mail: von-pulindos@arcor.de

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