Puli male dog Fido

Puli male dog Fido

stud dog vom Müllersgrund Fidostud dog vom Müllersgrund FidoEvaluation of the breeding judge

The Puli stud dog Fido has dark pigmentation, the posture of ears and tail is correct, the pigmentation of nose is not completely dark, he is square, the position of limbs is impeccable, his movements are spirited. His nature is friendly and sweet.





Character description according to the owner's information

Fido is a very trusting friendly male dog, who behaves very balanced in stressful situations. Fido loves extensive bicycle tours and romping around with his best friend Dusty.



Mother: Bess vom Müllersgrund
Father: Bobby Brown from Powerpulis
Day of littering: 24.12.2015
Breeding book number: VDH-PuK 825/16

Admission to breeding by judge E. Beautiful in March 2017 with conditions received.
Only mating with bitches in ideal size.


Patella: Free
Hereditary eye diseases: Free


  • Federal Youth Winner
  • German Youth Champion VDH


Anette Lambert
Hüttenstr. 7
64859 Eppertshausen
Phone: 06071-6 25 45
Mail: Puli-Muellersgrund@t-online.de

Impressions from Fido

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