Stud dog Nyakas

Puli male dog Nyakas

Stud dog Ludas Matyi Nyakas

Evaluation of the breeding judge

A Puli male of very nice size with strikingly typical movement, very beautifully modelled head, correct dentition, good eye colour, typical neck length and trunk development, suitable angles, excellent calm but alert behaviour. Judge J. Eberhardt (Hude 08/19)

Description of character according to the owner's information

Nyakas is a real Hungarian. He was brought by us at the age of 15 weeks, from the well-known kennel of Ferenc Antal, in May 2019 to his new home. At this age he could already present himself in exhibition pose. He is certainly one of the few dogs that can fetch buckwurst. He gets along well with other dogs. He is a very cuddly, relaxed male dog. Despite his great composure, a herding instinct is present.
Nyaka's coat is very luxuriant and has the typical lacing of the breed.


Mother: Ludas Matyi Orsi
Father: Rackaörzö Rege
Day of litter: 17.01.2018
Breeding book number: VDH PUK 850/19


Breeding permission for breeding obtained by breeding judge J. Eberhardt in August 2019 with conditions.
Partners only: Only to be mated with MPP free bitches.


patella: 0
Hereditary eye diseases: MPP iris to iris minor (02/2019)


  • none


Angelica Small
27412 Breddorf

Impressions from Nyakas

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