Stud dog Polux

Puli male Polux du domaine des vieux bergers

Evaluation of the breeding judge

Stud dog Pollux lying

Highly typical breed representative with excellently proportioned head; full scissor bite; short, strong neck; he has a square build with perfect positions and angulations of the legs, the tail is carried excellently, he has an attentive, breed-typical and secure behaviour. Club Youth Winner 2018, German Youth Champion (VDH) German Champion (VDH)
Judge: M.Gehring (Ludwigshafen 08/19)

Character description according to the owner

Polux is a friendly and bright, medium sized male. With his amiable and balanced nature he is everywhere "Everybody`s Darling". His self-confident and sovereign behaviour makes him a problem-free companion in all situations in life.


Mother: Weetoneon Hi Gribouille (white)
Father: Loncsosi-Bátor Gyertyán (black)
Litter day: 18.02.2017
Breeding book number: VDH/PuK 851/19 (LOSH01189063 - Belgium)


Breeding permission for breeding obtained by breeding judge Dr. R. Wenzlaff in May 2019 without conditions.


patella: 0
Hereditary eye diseases: Free (09/20)


  • VDH Champion


Gerhard Guhmann
67317 Old linen

Impressions from Pollux

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