Office description Cash desk

The Office: Cash desk

Type of office: Executive committee, elective office
Office bearer: Karl-Heinz Schneider

Board of Directors Cash Office Charly Schneider
Charly with Buffy

My name is Karl-Heinz Schneider. But nobody knows me under this name, everybody calls me Charly Schneider, I live in the beautiful Hunsrück, which belongs to the Landesgruppe Mitte. Being in my pack:
- my wife Tina
- my daughter Jenny
- my grandson Daria
- Wolfsspitz half-breed BUFFY
- Shar-Pei NAVY
- Poodle dog ABBY
- four cats
- four guinea pigs
- four horses


By the size of the pack you can see that I live in a rural area and ALL are very fond of animals.
I have been the cashier of the Clubs since 2008.

My duties as cashier are:

  • Accounting of the Club
  • Preparation of an annual report
  • Establishment of a budget for each financial year
  • Collection of membership fees
  • Keeping the lists of members
  • Tax returns for the tax office
  • Checking the cash deskn the national groups

If you have any questions, then just call me or use our contact form.

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