Office description Editorial office

The office: Editorial office for the club newspaper PuK-aktuell

Type of office: appointed by the executive committee, no elective office
Office bearer: Carina Kessel

Editorial office of the German Puli ClubHello,

I am Carina Kessel and head the editorial office for our club organ, the Pulizeitung PuK-aktuell. I am happy about any support if someone wants to write an article for the Puli magazin for the departments dog sports, breeding, youth and training. Together with other exciting topics, we present these to our members in the club newspaper which is published 3 times a year. There are always also very personal articles from our members. So just write down what is important to you, what you have experienced or what moves you - we will be happy to print it.

Tasks of the editorial office

  1. Creating the newspaper PuK-Aktuell for the members of the German Puli Club, three times a year
  2. Dispatch of the newspaper by post and round mail
  3. Creating articles
  4. Receipt of articles
  5. Reading and correcting articles for legibility
  6. Lay-out
  7. Organizing articles from the Internet and from magazines, e.g. Unser Rassehund vom VDH

If you have any questions, then just call me or use our contact form.

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