Puli breeder "von den Zottelbärchies"

Puli breeder "von den Zottelbärchis"

Our first Puli

Puli breeder Zottelbärchis Maya in the liftWe are a patchwork family living in Bavaria, my partner Udo, his daughter Jackie, our Puli girl Maja and me, Gisela Kostan. How did we arrive at the race Puli...

Up to this time I only knew the breed from pictures in dog books. During a hike in 2013, in our 2nd home in beautiful Austria, we experienced him live for the first time. Black and with floor-length rastas and an orange ball in his mouth. We were fascinated by this friendly fur wonder with the silky soft cord. Without apparently seeing anything, he caught the ball again and again unerringly. After this meeting it was clear that if we will have a dog again, it should be a Puli. But since we love travelling and this is not so easy with a dog, we have postponed the "Project Puli" to later.

But the way it is,

the thought never left my mind. So one year later I researched on the internet for Pulip puppies. At first it looked bad. In Germany as well as in Austria all puppies were already taken. Via Daniela Klein (from the Powerpulis), who was still living near Vienna at that time, the contact to Hungary was established. Together with her we visited the breeder in Sopron. He had another boy and a girl to mediate. Pretty soon it was clear that it would be the little girl and so Kari-Sopron Maja moved in with us.

From the beginning she was a very uncomplicated, playful, lovable being with a cheeky cleverness and a great character. She's got us all wrapped around her claw. You can take it with you everywhere and it surprises us every day anew. She loves the mountains and accompanies us on our hikes in summer and ski/snowshoe tours in winter. Even on the slopes she cuts a fine figure. During our many travels with her, it is always noticeable that she makes people smile. Since she has also developed into a little beauty, the thought came to us to breed with her to get this great character.

But before we could put the project into action, she unfortunately had a bad accident. We were not sure whether we could still have the necessary investigations carried out.


Kennel "von den Zottelbärchies"

Puli breeder Zottelbärchis Majas looksBy supporting the German Puli Club (PUK), where all our questions were answered and our worries could be dispelled, we dared to do so. After the very good show results Maja also got good results in the health examinations. So we applied for the affix "von den Zottelbärchies". We would like to contribute to preserve this wonderful breed in its diversity in the future. Because she should still make many people smile with her special look and her cheeky cleverness.




Impressions from Maya

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