Puli breeder "von den Powerpulis"

Kennel portrait "Pulizucht von den Powerpulis

My name is Daniela Klein. I am originally from Berlin, but since the beginning of 2003 I have lived with my husband and my two sons in Teedorf in Lower Austria. That's 27 km south of Vienna.

My first Puli

I got my first "real" Puli in 2006, "Easy-Fairy vom Tal des Lebens". Before that I always had dogs for 23 years, but they were always mixed-breeds from the animal shelter. They were all dear dogs, but the dog I remembered as particularly clever and eager to learn was my very first dog, "Jule". I got it as puppy as "poodle mongrel". Later it turned out that Jule was a Puli or at least a Puli mongrel.

 Kennel  Kennel

In 2006 I decided that I wanted to have a pedigree dog for the first time. I wanted a dog that would be suitable for agility. In addition, it should be a family-suitable dog.   Since I couldn't warm up to the Border Collies or Shelties that are omnipresent in agility sports , Jule came to my mind again. If I had been doing agility back in the 80's, it would have been very well suited for this sport. So I started to inform myself about Pulis in the internet.

By chance ( - or was it fate? - ) at exactly this time the breeder Eva Mayr from the German Puli Club (PuK) announced a litter of white Pulis. Since all my dogs had been black before, I wanted a white dog this time. It fit perfectly.

Eva reserved the smallest, cheekiest bitch for me and so Easy came to us in summer 2006.

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Easy was exactly the way I wanted my dog to be. She learned very quickly, was always attentive and was as enthusiastic about agility as I was.

She is also the perfect family dog. She loves to be with us as much as possible, goes hiking with us, riding, swimming and she has the right feeling when dealing with our children. If my two sons play too rough, Easy will pull out. But when they sit on the floor and build Lego, for example, she lies in the middle of it and enjoys being with them. The best thing for Easy is, of course, when we experience "forest adventures" with the children. Then she always runs ahead and tries to discover the most exciting places.

When there is nothing to experience at the moment, she quietly lies down in a corner. If possible, she does this in such a way that she has her whole "pack" in view. She does the same when shopping, visiting restaurants, long train or car journeys. She simply behaves in such a way that she always attracts attention as a pleasant, well-trained dog. - Or doesn't notice at all.

When "her time" has come and you play with her or of course do agility, she is fully there and barks too. For a Puli it is quite natural to express his enthusiasm loudly.

 Kennel  Kennel  Kennel

The kennel "von den Powerpulis"

It was soon clear to me that I wanted to breed with Easy so that she could pass on her outstanding characteristics. So I presented her once at a dog show, 2008 at the IHA in Salzburg. She immediately achieved a V 1, CACA, CACIB and BOB and with it the breed suitability.

I did not have to think long about the name for the planned Puli breeding.

Easy was smiled at on the agility course at first, because as a small "ball of fur" she just lay quietly under a bench at first and looked at everything. She actually seemed too calm for a future agility dog. But when I started agility with her at the age of about four months, she showed what she is made of. She was full of temperament, full of "power".

As soon as she is given a task, she is immediately "fully there" and makes every effort to carry out this task to her complete satisfaction. She made great progress in agility very quickly and her speed in the course made us shout more and more often "this is a Powerpuli". First I put videos and photos of Easy's activities on a blog called "Powerpuli Easy in action". Of course I wish that Easy's offspring will have as much heart and power as she does. Therefore it was only logical that I applied for "von den Powerpulis" also as a cattery name.

After Easy passed the BGH 1 at the age of almost 4 years as the best in the exam and ascended to the LK 3, the highest performance class in agility, all the goals I had set myself were achieved. So I had her covered for the first time in May 2010.

My throws

On 6 July 2010 Easy's first puppies were born: Ávár, Andor, Aranyos and Aladin. Easy was also fully absorbed in this task, because she is a loving, dutiful mum and very proud of her sons.

 Kennel  Kennels from the Powerpulis Figure 11  Kennel

We are curious whether the four of them live up to their "family name". But we are sure that no matter what task they will be given in their new family, they will fulfill it with enthusiasm and dedication.

Otherwise they wouldn't be Pulis.


Daniela Klein, Puli breeding "von den Powerpulis"


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