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Our breeders obtain the wonderful Dog breed Puli in its type and variety through responsible breeding. The Deutsche Puli Klub is a member of the VDH and breeds according to the Puli Standard of the FCI. This describes the breed's typical features and characteristics. Furthermore, each of our Puli breeders has chosen a breeding goal for himself. With the breeding goal the breeder puts his personal focus on the most important characteristics of the Pulis. For this reason one can often recognize by the puppies or also by the adult Puli from which breeder it originates. For the matings the breeders have many good stud dogs from members of the association at their disposal. But sometimes you have to travel long distances abroad to expand the gene pool of our pulis. Careful selection is especially important in a small population like the Puli. Our breeders attach particular importance to this.

We have collected various questions and answers about the Puli breed of dog under the menu item "Frequently asked questions". There you will also find the topic breeding.

Here is an overview where you can find our Puli breeders:

Our Puli breeders introduce themselves

Puli breeder Dreads on paws portrait

"Dreads on paws"

We, that is my husband Axel and me, are sure: without Pulis we would lose something valuable! We are completely under its spell! Therefore our aim is to offer Puli friends and especially lovers of this breed something special - a little Puli puppy.

Puli breeder Krambambulis portrait


Almost ten years we are breeders with our Puli Kennels "Krambambulis". Now it is time for us to introduce and justify that our cute little Pulip puppies are named after a schnapps. Yes, I admit it, Krambambuli is a Danzig cherry brandy and sometimes our Pulis behave as if they get it in their drinking bowl in the morning.

Puli breeder from the Müllersgrund Portrait

"vom Müllersgrund"

By chance I came to the breed Puli and was immediately fascinated by his great character, temperament and appearance. My goal in breeding is to maintain the genetic diversity in order to continue to provide healthy, robust Pulip puppies. It is also very important to me that the puppy harmonizes well with his new family.

Ingrid and Axel Tubbe
55437 Ockenheim
Phone: o6725/301219
Mail address
Kennel portrait

Claudia Richter
12559 Berlin
Phone: 030 231 802 43
Mail address
Kennel portrait

Annette Lambert
64859 Eppertshausen
Phone:+49 (0) 6071-6 25 45
Mail address
Kennel portrait

Puli breeder "von den Anglersachsen" Portrait

"von den Anglersachsen"

We, that is Ute and Steffen Täuber with son Theo and the shaggy animals Neely and Adele. Because we can be found in Hoyerswerda (in Saxony) and because we are anglers, we chose the kennel name "von den Anglersachsen". We were immediately enthusiastic about Cimbo in Dresden and what probably nobody thinks of a Puli when they see it, it doesn't smell unpleasant at all!

Puli breeder of the "wuseligen Pfoten" sibling meeting

"from the scurrying paws"

This is our Abby and my name is Charly Schneider and my pack lives in the beautiful Hunsrück in Belg. My pack includes my wife Martina, my daughter Jenny and my granddaughter Daria. Of course, animals are also part of it: Dogs, cats, horses and guinea pigs. You could say: We are all animal crazy!

Puli breeder of the shaggy bear

"von den Zottelbärchis"

"A Puli's not a dog, it's a Puli." This is proven to us every day anew by our Puli girl Maja. Clever, playful, cuddly, but also decisive and demanding. A fascinating being and this fascination we would like to share with others.

Ute Täuber
02977 Hoyerswerda
Phone: 03571-40 66 45
Mail address
Kennel portrait

Charly Schneider
56858 Belg
Phone: 06543 - 3706
Mail address
Kennel portrait

Gisela Kostan
86492 Egling
Mail address
Kennel portrait

"von den zotteligen Gefährten"

I've had Pulis for almost 25 years. I can no longer imagine life without these shaggy companions. He is faithful, persistent, agile and friendly. Furthermore, he has a unique personality. These characteristics, as well as its genetic diversity, are important for me to preserve in my breeding. I would like to share our Puli happiness with many people.

Kennel von der plietschen Deern Michi and Meike Allespach

"von den wuseligen Pfoten"

Mieze is our little charming Puli bitch. She recently got a playmate named " " As a puppy she brings a lot of extra life into our house. With these two wonderful creatures, life is just great.

Katya Möwius
48734 Reken
Tel.: 02864-9 43 05 45
Mail address
Kennel portrait

Meike and Michael Allespach
74867 Neunkirchen
Phone: +49 (0) 6262 925033
Mail address
Kennel portrait

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