Puli male dog Anoki Kimi

Puli male dog Anoki Kimi

stud dog Anoki Kimi portrait snowEvaluation of the breeding judge

masked stud dog of best appearance. The Puli male Anoki Kimi has a round head and a full, strong scissor bite.
Deep black pigment. He has dark eyes. Kimi's body is square and is characterized by a correct topline and a firm back. He has good angulations and a tripping movement. He also has a beautiful, rich Zotthaar dress and a lovely, sweet nature.


Description of character according to the owner's information

Kimi is a very self-confident, independent and sovereign male dog of great personality. In his pulitypical way he is very attentive, cheerful and full of power. He is a pleasant companion in all situations of life, always keeping calm and showing himself very self-confident even in stressful situations. Kimi works at Obidience, where he shows enormous enthusiasm and motivation. With his one and a half years he has already passed the companion dog test, as well as the obidience classes Beginner and One with Excellent. In dealing with conspecifics and humans he is sovereign and friendly. Simply a treasure.


Mother: Krambambulis Bubbly Bandit
Father: Bobby Brown from Powerpulis
Day of littering: 29.09.2015
Breeding book number: VDH-PuK 821/15

Breeding approval for breeding by breeding judge E. Beautifully received in March 2017 without conditions.


Patella: Free
Hereditary eye diseases: Free


  • Youth winner Baden-Wuerttemberg
  • Alpine Youth Winner
  • Place winner
  • Alpine winner
  • Club winner PuK 2017


Christine Rösler
Stuttgarter Str. 49
70794 Filderstadt
Phone: 0711 - 776857
Mail: chr-roesler@web.de

Impressions from Anoki Kimi

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