Puli male dog Coco Jambo

Puli male Coco Jambo vom Müllersgrund

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Evaluation of the breeding judge

Puli male dog Coco JamboThe Puli stud dog Coco Jambo has a very good dark pigment. He has a dark eye and a beautiful hanging head, he has a firm back and a square body, he has a typical tripping Puligang, lush, beautifully maintained villi. His character is friendly and sovereign.

Character description according to the owner

Coco Jambo is an attentive, spirited and handsome Puli male. He has a lovely, typical Puli nature. He likes to play and frolic over meadows and fields. Coco is very affectionate and very sociable when dealing with people. He's very brave. Because of his uncomplicated nature you can take him everywhere, in restaurants, dog meadows, etc., he always behaves super and sovereign.


Mother: Astra
Father: Blubsch-Brösel-Bundas v. d. shaggy companions
Day of litter: 21.04.2013
Breeding book number: VDH-PuK 791/13

Breeding permission for breeding obtained by the breeding judge C. Habig in June 2014 with condition
Only with bitches with HD A and B.


Patella: Free
Hereditary eye disease: Free


  • Club youth winner PuK 2014
  • Club winner PuK 2016
  • BIS Club Show 2016


Anna Maria Lindner-Ludewig
Wise Str. 16 A
12049 Berlin
Phone: 030-65709654

Impressions from Coco-Jambo

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