Puli stud dog András

Puli male András von den Puszta-Strolchen

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Evaluation of the breeding judge

The Puli stud dog Andras is a harmonious representative of the breed, his head is round and well-covered, he has good angulations and a race-typical string coat, he has dark eyes and dark pigmentation, his tripping gait is pulitypical. He has a friendly and open nature.

Character description according to the owner

András is a temperamental and agile male dog, he has a beautiful coat and a very pleasant and lovely temperament. András is a top conditioned male, he is attentive and friendly to everyone, he is very interested in bitches and very persistent. Simply a wonderful representative of his breed. Andás already has 23 offspring.


Mother: Eszti from Discher's Hoff
Father: Napfenyvárosi-Csahoes Portás
Day of littering: 31.05.2003
Breeding book number: VDH-PuK 541/03

Breeding permission for breeding obtained by breeding judge XXX in YYY with conditions.
Only partners with perfect scissor bite.


Patella: Free
Hereditary eye diseases: Free


  • Federal Youth Winner
  • Veteran winner club show Puk 2012


Bernd Knickmann
Prelat- Schneider-Str. 11
44651 Herne
Phone: 02325-46 62 33

Impressions from Andras

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