stud dog Attila

Puli male Attila von Pulindo's

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stud dog Attila

Evaluation of the breeding judge

Unfortunately there is nothing available for the stud dog Attila

Character description according to
Data of the owner

Dug (Attila von Pulindo's) is an open friendly male. He is self-confident and calm in dealing with new situations, compatible with other dogs and loves to run around in the forest or cuddle on the couch. Because of his funny nature and his loving character he sooner or later fascinates everyone. His motto: "Right in the middle instead of just there"


Mother: Adenea
Father: Peiren of Discher's Hoff
Litter day: 16.07.2010
Breeding book number: VDH-PuK 711/10

Admission to breeding obtained by judge M. Gehring in December 2011 with conditions
Partners only: MPP free and perfect full scissor bite.


Patella: Free
Hereditary eye diseases:


  • none


Lina Andreas
Long pieces 11
38442 Wolfsburg

Impressions of Attila

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