Stud dog Bilbo Baggins

Puli male Bilbo Baggins from the Powerpulis

Stud dog Bilbo Baggins Portrait

Evaluation of the breeding judge

The Puli male dog Bilbo Baggins is a lively, small-framed representative of the breed, he has a well-covered head, his building is square and very harmonious, he has dark brown eyes and black pigment, the front and hindquarters are correctly angulated, he has a correct gait with pulitypical tripping movements, he has a very sweet and friendly nature.



Description of character according to the owner's information

Bilbo Baggins is a very balanced and sovereign Puli male. He often accompanies his owners to schools and very calmly supports their  work with pupils with special needs. Bilbo Baggins enjoys agility and plays frisbee with enthusiasm. He has a friendly nature  and is very open towards people.


Mother: Easy-Fairy vom Tal des Lebens
Father: Angel Paws Making Famous Tracks
Day of littering: 26.10.2013
Breeding book number: ÖHZB PUL926 / VDH-PuK 830/17


Breeding approval for breeding by breeding judge E. Beautiful in March 2017 with conditions received.
Only partners: only bitches with PL 0  and only with bitches in ideal size


patella: 1
Hereditary eye diseases: free


  • none


Susanne Reres
New crate 25
74869 Schwarzach

Impressions from Bilbo Baggins


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