Stud dog Derek

Puli male Derek (Bánhegy Derek)

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Evaluation of the breeding judge

Stud dog DerekThe Puli male Derek is an excellent representative of his breed. He has a beautiful head and deep dark eyes. Derék has a correct scissor bite and his building is completely square and solid. His movement is trippingly correct. His taut muscles and coat are impeccable at the base. Furthermore, he shows a very well-behaved character.

Character description according to the owner

Derék is a very calm and reserved representative of the breed. He shows this in his dealings with humans and other dogs. Derék is an ideal life partner, because he is alert, kind and a problem-free companion on all paths. He has been able to pass on his qualities as a dog male to his offspring born so far.


Mother: Bánhegy Kicsi
Father: Loncsosi-Bátor Örszem
Litter day: 12.06.2010
Breeding book number: VDH-PuK 746/11

Breeding permission for breeding by the breeding judge Mrs. Gehring in Dortmund 2011 without conditions


Patella: Free
Hereditary eye diseases: Free


  • German Champion PuK
  • German Champion VDH
  • German Club Champion KfUH
  • Champ de Luxembourg de Beauté and European winner 2017
  • International Beauty Champion FCI
  • VDH annual winner 2017


Hans-Georg Centaury
On Lessing 6
53639 King's winter
Phone: 02223-90 75 430
Mail: hagezet@arcor

Impressions from Derek

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