Stud dog Edgar Erasmus

Puli male dog Edgar Erasmus

Evaluation of the breeding judge

The Puli male Edgar Erasmus is a typical representative of the breed with a good overall impression and good coat, dark eyes, black pigmentation, an extremely strong set of teeth, Quadratischer's correctly built body, well set fore and hindquarters, tail carried correctly on the back, movement typical for the breed and harmonious. Very dear creature.

Description of character according to the owner's information

Edgar is a young, spirited, thoroughly healthy male dog. He is friendly and cheerful to people and especially to children he feels attracted and likes to play with them. His appearance is confident and obedient. He gets along with other animals very well, especially his house cat and he loves his horses and always keeps them. His athletic talent lies in frisbee and ball games, where he is tireless and agile. Since February 2017 he is stud dog in the German Puli Club and is looking forward to dear ladies, whom he would like to welcome like a gentleman.


Mother: Szilasligeti Moha San
Father: Csikasz Ali
Day of littering: 05.06.2015
Breeding book number: VDH-PuK 818/15


Breeding permission for breeding obtained by breeding judge Ingo Bortel in February 2017 with conditions.
Pay attention to correct ear position and length when mating.


Patella: Free
Hereditary eye diseases: Free


  • German Youth Champion VDH


Angelica Small
Hanstedter Str. 4
27412 Breddorf
Phone: 0152-28400958

Impressions from Edgar Erasmus

Video from Edgar

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