Stud dog Pörgelóci Jegenye "Leo"

Puli male Leo - Pörgelóci Jegenye

Puli male LeoEvaluation of the breeding judge

Puli male Leo is a stud dog of excellent, breed-typical overall appearance, correct head, ears correctly set, excellent pigmentation, with ideal building structure, straight back, strongly muscled, correct tail, he has a full string hang, tripping movement, balanced, friendly and sovereign nature. Leo has become world champion in Salzburg 2012.

Description of character according to the owner's information

Leo is in top condition and well trained. He has a charming nature and is very attentive. He loves his family unconditionally. He is a wonderful, docile and watchful companion. He is the ideal family dog and feels very attracted to children. His sovereign and calm nature is impressive.


Mother: Rozgonyi Lonci
Father: Gubancfalvi Bitang
Litter day: 24.06.2009
Breeding book number: MEOE PL 7445/09

Breeding permission for breeding obtained by breeding judge I. Csik in September 2010 with conditions.
Recommendation: Mating only with square bitches. Mating only with HD A and HD B.


HD: C1
Patella: Free
Hereditary eye diseases: Free


  • German Champion VDH
  • German Champ PuK
  • Club winner PuK 2011
  • Main breed show youth winner KfuH
  • State Youth Winner Thuringia
  • National winner VDH 2011
  • European winner VDH 2011
  • International Beauty Champion
    (Champion International de Beauté)
  • World winner 2012 in Salzburg
  • European winner 2012
  • Club winner 2014
  • Club winner and BOB 2017


Thomas Scrounger
Schwarzburger Str. 8
99092 Erfurt/Thuringia
Phone: 0361/6537162
Mobile: 0172/7979207

Impressions of Leo

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