Office description National Group Leader

The Office as National Group Leader

Type of office: Extended executive committee, elective office
official bearer: We show all national group leaders here

The National Group Leaders are very important for the German Puli Club, as our club covers Germany completely. Accordingly, we can only be close to our members if we have direct contacts for our members in our 5 national groups.

National Groups and National Group Leaders

Their tasks

  1. Organising walks and events with the help of all members of the national groups
  2. Organise and equip information stands with staff and information material
  3. Write articles in the Club newspaper about their events
  4. Participation in board meetings
  5. Preparation of the national board meetings (every 3 years in any case)
  6. Forward the dates of the events to the webmaster and to the editorial office
  7. Organization of the club show, approx. every 4-5 years with the help of the club
  8. Accounting for costs for events
  9. Organization of puppy meetings


If you have any questions, you are welcome to call me call me or use our contact form .

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