Office description Animal welfare officer

The Office: Animal Welfare Officer

Type of office: Extended executive committee, elective office
Office bearer: Yvonne Klautke

Animal welfare officer Yvonne KlautkeHello dear Puk members,
we are the family Yvonne and Stephan Klautke with Peiren. Most of them were allowed to know us, but for all those who do not know us, we want to introduce ourselves.
I am Yvonne Klautke animal welfare officer for our Not Puli mediation for the German Puli Club.
This is the job where a man or woman always hopes never to hear from a member of the puk. Since here in this area all the traps are taken up, where a Puli of our association, urgently looks for a new home, no matter for which reasons. Of course we hope never to hear from a member, because we hope that our Pulis can always stay with their owners. If this should not be the case, then you can of course call/mail/letter, Yvonne will see how she can help you, for example by writing a short description with a picture, which will be put on the homepage by our dear Mr. Kiel, to find a new and beautiful home for your Puli.



Tasks as animal welfare officer

  1. Mediation of Puli from the Club, who are in need
  2. Write an article about the Puli in need with pictures and send it to the Webmaster for publication
  3. Participation in the meeting of those responsible for breeding
  4. Observance and promotion of animal welfare concerns and animal welfare regulations in the breeding, keeping and care of dogs.

If you have any questions, then just call me or use our contact form.

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