Office description Public Relations

The Office: Public relations

Type of office: Extended executive committee, elective office
Office bearer: Eva Meyer

Office for Public Relations Eva Meyer

My passion for the Hungarian dog breeds started in 1984 as a teenager. I helped at many exhibitions as a ring helper and took over my first special management in 1989. I bred my first own litter (at that time still Kuvasz) in 1995 under my cattery name "vom Tal des Lebens". I successfully passed my final examination as breeding supervisor for all Hungarian Shepherd Dogs in 1997.

In the following years I gave birth to a son, started to breed Pulis, took numerous litters, took over countless special lines and several offices in the Club, among other things head of the breeding show and chief breeding supervisor. Since 2003 I have been a member of the PUK and work for them with great pleasure as breeding supervisor.

I do each of my offices gladly and with full commitment, I am pleased about each info/question/suggestion, etc. from all members. Please just call me

The tasks as a public relations officer are:

  1. Publishing ads
  2. Refresh ads
  3. Writing articles for magazines
  4. Contact person around the Puli in public relations for the German Puli Club
  5. Creative co-design of the Information booths
  6. Creative co-design of advertising material, such as flyers, etc.
  7. Co-design of the homepage with regard to the public effect
  8. Release of the articles of the HP, if they do not come from officials
  9. Change in the structures of HP, only after consultation with the business management. Board of Directors
  10. Organize actions: Dog Day, etc.
  11. Press Dates
  12. Sale of books via the newspaper and dispatch of books

If you have any questions, then just call me or use our contact form.

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