Official description 1st Chairperson

The office: 1st chairperson/office

Type of office: Executive committee, elective office
Office bearer: Katja Möwius since April 2002

Many of you know me from many events of the association PuK (German Puli Club). For those who don't know me: Here's a brief summary of my Puli vita, with which I would like to introduce myself as chairperson:

I have had Pulis since 1994, so for 20 years I have loved these wonderful shaggy companions and I cannot imagine a life without Pulis. Since I come from the Ruhrpott and the club culture has always been very much cultivated there, I grew up in clubs.

So somehow I've always felt the need to commit myself to something I'm passionate about. And so it was clear to me that I would become involved in the association work of the Dt. Puli Club. When I noticed that Puli people are an extremely lovable people, the matter was clear.

Since 1998 I have been running National group West and I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to get even more involved.
In 2002 I was then elected by our members as their first chairperson.
Since then I am the contact person for all Pulis and Puli friends for all Puli matters. I am always open and grateful for any suggestions and ideas for improvement.

Below are the work areas of my offices:

Work as 1st chairman / office:

  • Admission forms to interested people who can be contacted by email or who can be seen at exhibitions
    and training courses or at the club information stand.
  • Advice for Puli interested parties
  • Organization of the information stand at fairs, events, club exhibitions, etc.
  • exiting hook
  • Email contacts to Hungarian breeders and Puli owners
  • Forwarding of emails from people interested in Puli to the puppy agency.
  • Send out invitations
  • Compensating and mediating in case of different views/points of view
  • Editing of the statutes and regulations
  • Contact person for all volunteers and breeders
  • Attend advanced training courses and scientific lectures to stay up to date
    and to make this knowledge available to members.
  • Club magazin - writing articles, announcements and messages from the board
  • Preparation of the general and board meetings
  • Work in the Breeding Commission
  • Negotiations and correspondence with the VDH

If you have any questions, you are welcome to call me call me or use our contact form .

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