Official description Exhibition speaker

The Office: Exhibition Officer

Type of office: Extended executive committee, elective office
Office bearer: Eva Meyer

Office for Public Relations Eva Meyer

My passion for the Hungarian dog breeds started in 1984 as a teenager. I helped at many exhibitions as a ring helper and took over my first special management in 1989. I bred my first own litter (at that time still Kuvasz) in 1995 under my cattery name "vom Tal des Lebens". I successfully passed my final examination as breeding keeper for all Hungarian Shepherd Dogs in 1997.

In the following years I gave birth to a son, started to breed Pulis, took numerous litters, took over countless special lines and several offices in the Club, among other things head of the breeding show and chief breeding supervisor. Since 2003 I have been a member of the PUK and work for them with great pleasure as breeding supervisor.

I do each of my offices gladly and with full commitment, I am pleased about each info/question/suggestion, etc. from all members. Please just call me

Tasks as a consultant for the exhibition

  1. Agreement with KfuH on the special shows of the annual VDH exhibitions
  2. Organization of special leaders, judges at the shows where we have the special show
  3. Help with training to become a licensed special leader/ring helper
  4. Special leader-, ring helper activities at exhibitions
  5. Co-organisation of the annual club exhibitions of the PuK
  6. Preparation of the catalogue of the annual club exhibition
  7. Acceptance of the reports of the club exhibition
  8. Regular forwarding of the current exhibition dates in tabular form to webmaster and editorial staff (webmaster continuously, editorial staff always in February, June, October)
  9. Advice for members and interested parties on all aspects of the exhibition business
  10. Regular further training in the exhibition industry
  11. Collaboration on the exhibition regulations if changes are necessary or prescribed by VDH.
  12. Collecting judge's reports
  13. Publication of the exhibition results in Puk-Aktuell and at the HP
  14. Cooperation with all judges, special leaders and ring helpers in the club
  15. Make sure that the special breeding judges from PuK are used regularly
  16. Communication with judges
  17. Date protection for the annual club exhibitions

If you have any questions, then just call me or use our contact form.

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