Puli breeder "Krambambulis"

Puli breeder "Krambambulis"

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Almost ten years we are breeders with our Puli kennel Krambambulis in the German Puli Club. Now it's time for us to introduce ourselves and justify that our cute little Puli puppies are named after a schnapps. Yes, I admit it, Krambambuli is a Gdansk cherry brandy and sometimes our Puli actually behave as if they get it in their drinking bowl in the morning.

Who or what is "Krambambulis"?

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But the thought behind this name is not the wired funny nature of our race. No, it's their devotion and loyalty. "Krambambuli" is also the title of a story by Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach. Its main hero, a dog, is named "Krambambuli" because his master, the district hunter Hopp, bought it from a poacher for twelve bottles of this red swill. It takes a long time until he has trained the dog and dog and master understand each other. But then a deep friendship develops between the two. One day the hunter and the poacher, who have become bitter enemies in the meantime, face each other in the forest with loaded guns. Krambambuli stands between them and is called and lured by both. The dog suffers because he doesn't know who to go to. Finally, he decides on his first master, the poacher. The hunter shoots the poacher and kills the "unfaithful" dog. When the hunter realizes how much he misses his dog and wants to look for him, he finds Krambambuli dead in front of his front door.

Our kennel Krambambulis

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We found this name suitable for a Puli breed, because Puli, just like Krambambuli, are very attached to their master or mistress. They are intelligent and independent. But for all the characteristics that are typical of the breed, each Puli is a small and often stubborn personality in its own right. Our Mascha, for example, was untypically Puli-quiet, gentle and a bit fussy (don't get dirty or even wet). She was our little princess, moved elegantly and had a beautiful face. As a puppy she forgave the little Csinos almost all rudeness, but with the beginning of her first heat the wild sweeper was raised with a hard paw. Unfortunately Mascha died in November 2016 at the age of less than ten years - no age for a Puli.

Our Puli

Puli breeder Krambambulis At the beach

Csinos - the pretty one - was really the most beautiful of the four sisters of her litter, but also the cheekiest, which is why she soon got her second name "Fritzi". She was spirited and extroverted from the beginning. Every wish, every idea, every feeling was expressed by her with a corresponding sound. Their utterances were very variable, but mostly loud. Fritzi is now eight years old and has already become much calmer. She is now retired and has left the breeding farm.

Dasha is from our D-litter and just had to stay with us. She is very confident and humorous like her aunt Mascha. Dasha is full of energy and loves digging deep holes and being wet and really dirty, so that you can often only guess at her original blossom white coat. She learns very quickly and practices small tricks and games enthusiastically.

Fritzi and Dascha are enthusiastic mountain hikers, but they also love city excursions and especially restaurants of all kinds. When we pass a beer garden in the summer, it can happen that Dascha and Fritzi choose a table as a precaution and place themselves under it, even if people are already sitting there. Pulis are just independent and humorous. They like to travel with us, went to Greece without any problems in May with a 20 hour ferry trip and know how to behave in hotels and to win the hearts of the staff.

Our litters

Puli breeder Krambambulis Pure joy of life

2010 we had our first litter with Mascha, three black puppies make their new parents happy for eight years now.

The B-litter was our wonder litter. I had four girl requests and asked Mascha funnily on my homepage for six bitches. Aaaaaand she gave birth to six masked fawn bitches. Betty and Bubbly are already moms in the Puliclub themselves.

Our C-puppies gave birth to Fritzi, six little flowery white cotton wool puppies. Three of them live in America, all of them in the passenger compartment, brought there with loving company from us or the owner.

The D-chen were born in February 2017, three white and one black puppy. Little Dasha was allowed to stay with us and with her mom.

With Dasha we want to continue our little breeding. Even if you can't tell from our sweet whirlwind yet, she is supposed to be the mummy of Krambambulis E-Litter.

If you want to read more about Fritzi, Dascha and our puppies, please visit our homepage www.krambambulis.de.

Impressions from the "Krambambulis"

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