Litter planning ""vom Müllersgrund"" 2021

Litter planning ""vom Müllersgrund"" in summer 2021

The kennel ""vom Müllersgrund" " is planning a litter with the bitch Kocsos Kincsem Csillag in summer 2021.


Puli breeder from the Müllersgrund PortraitAnnette Lambert
Hüttenstrasse 7
64859 Eppertshausen
Phone:+49 (0) 6071-6 25 45
Kennel portrait

If you have any questions, feel free to call or message me via our contact form.

Additional information about the planed 2021 litter "vom Müllersgrund"

A litter is planned based on the personal experience of when one's bitch will be in heat again. But this can't always be predict accurately. Therefore, the predicted date is only an estimation. In any case, planning on which stud dog to consider has already been completed. And in case the selected match does not work out there is usually another candidate as plan-B.

What happens next?

Once the bitch is in heat, the breeder and the stud dog owner get in touch and plan the date for the "wedding". Then, if it has actually sparked between the two Pulis, we will announce the mating on our homepage. You can view all current matint reprots here.

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