Youth Camp 2020 in Würrich

The first meeting of the youth group of the Dt. Puli Klub e.V. took place in Würrich. I arrived a little earlier to have a look at the possibilities on site. We had actually planned to camp but unfortunately we had to change our plans because the weather did not play along. As most of the kids and teens didn't arrive until Friday night, we could only start our youth camp with breakfast on Saturday. Here I could congratulate Justus Brüggemann to his birthday which was on this day. We, my brother Markus and I, decorated a place for him for breakfast, where a birthday cake was waiting for him. Justus was very happy about that.

After breakfast we all went for a walk, again Apostel Peter threw a spanner in the works as it really rained the whole time. This is why I and Jennifer Schneider, along with a few other members took a short cut back to the ranch. Well how do I say this best? She used to say "We just have to go up this hill.". But the hill was like ... Oh I don't know! It was high. But as I am from the north of Germany, I am simply not used to such hills.
When we got back we went to a room and played city-country-river. Jacy has also joined us.

When it rained a bit less we started with ring training for the junior handling. We practiced several figures in case the judge Mrs. Gehring would like to see them. And it was good, that we went through so many different figures as we had to performe them on Sunday. But we did not know this at this point.

In the late afternoon we played viking chess. It was a lot of fun for everyone. In the evening we played big against small so that the adults could also have some fun. We also drew the national committee challenge cup.

Of course, we, the kids from the camp, won.

On Sunday it was now or never. The junior handling was on the agenda and it turned out that it was good that we practiced so many figures because Mrs. Gehring wanted us to demonstrate all of them. The kids did so well that somehow everyone won. You guys were great!!!!
Next year we will continue to have fun, learn more things about Pulis, beat the adults again and laugh a lot.

So that was a little snippet of the 2020 Youth Camp and we hope there will be many more to come, we look forward to seeing you. I would like to thank Jeanne Möwius for the good cooperation and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Best regards

Your Stephan
Youth warden PuK

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