Puli breeder "von der Brettachaue"

Puli breeder "von der Brettachaue"

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We, that is an animal-crazy family with mother Ute, father Dieter and three grown children. In addition, four dwarf rabbits, a boa constrictor emperor, a tarantula, about one hundred ornamental fish, a Moorish tortoise and, a little outside, about 400,000 bees live in our household.

Our first Puli

Since four years also our male dog "Bonito", who should only stay with us for three weeks as a holiday guest, feels very well with us. When Bonito moved in with us, there was still our Bella, a St. Bernard, who had to leave us all too early due to a serious heart disease.

When Bella had crossed the rainbow bridge, it was clear that one dog would be enough to keep the family on their toes next to all the other animals. But as it is, something was missing, because nothing was the way it used to be. So the boss of the house and the two daughters decided that a second dog should move in with us again. Of course only because Bonito would not be so alone anymore. After some discussions in the family circle the owner decided that it should be a shaggy dog, where you don't know what is in front and behind.

So the research on the Internet began, what kind of breed this would be. On the homepage of the Händschke family we learned that the shaggy dog is a Puli . And as chance would have it, there were puppies to be had. Immediately a visit appointment with family Händschke was arranged, and we drove "just to look" to the beautiful Lautertal in the Odenwald.

And then it happened as it had to happen: At the beginning of November 2009 "Ekes vom Felsenmeer" moved in with us. And then nothing was ever the same again! This black ball of fur took our hearts by storm. Even our Bonito was blown away by the new playmate. When four weeks later Mr. Händschke asked by mail if Ekes was already the "boss", we had to answer with an unqualified YES! And that has remained so to this day.

The kennel "von der Brettachaue"

Meanwhile our Lucie, as we call Ekes by now, has already participated very successfully in some shows. So she took part in the club show of the German Puli Club in Würrich and got the grade V3. Afterwards she became youth winner Baden-Württemberg at the IRAS in Stuttgart. This was followed by victories at the Ortenau-Show in Offenburg and at the Rassehundeschau in Ludwigshafen.

At all these shows she was awarded V1, BOB and CACIB. "With such a top dog you have to breed Mrs. Händschke explained to us. "But of course," was our answer. Such a breeding can be no problem. Choose kennel name, register, of course get international protection, pay fees, get bitch mated and the new Pulip puppies are here. It's easy. With the help of the Händschke family the first points were worked off quite fast and we received the affix "von der Brettachaue".

The first litter

But the "covering" proved to be a challenge. Mrs. Händschke was looking for a male for our Lucie and at the next heat we went to Oberursel to Rusty. We were welcomed friendly by family Janovic and the dogs understood each other brilliantly. It's all very easy. Think! Despite all attempts to bribe with treats, walks of felt 20 kilometers, more than romping and playing was not possible with our Lucie. No problem, we thought, let's just wait for the next heat.

Five months later the time had come again. After the vet's okay we drove back to Rusty in Oberursel. I'm sure it'll work this time. It was a great late afternoon, when the two dogs raged across the meadow. But that's all. After consultation with the vet we decided to visit Rusty and his family again two days later. It's easy to drive from Bretzfeld via the Walldorfer- and Frankfurter Kreuz 170 km to Oberursel on Friday afternoon. People and animals were also very happy about the reunion.

But that's all!!! After these setbacks we decided that we will do everything better next time. So we changed the veterinarian and came to a very nice vet on the advice of a successful neighbouring Newfoundland breeder. Our Lucie checked her out during the last heat and found the best time to cover for us. Full of anticipation we called the Janovic family in Oberursel and had to learn that Rusty had had an accident and was in the animal hospital.

Thank God he is now a little better and back with his family. Mrs. Händschke gave us the address of family Reinhard-Schröder, who had two stud dogs. So we made an appointment with family Reinhard-Schröder and drove 250 kilometres to Damflos on March 30, 2012. After a warm welcome we went briefly into the garden and lo and behold, the chemistry between the dogs was right and the mating was completed after 30 minutes. Just easy!!!!

Now we hope that Lucie is pregnant and we are looking forward to the hopefully numerous first offspring in the kennel "von der Brettachaue" next June.

Best regards to all Pulifriends

by Ute and Dieter Wacker from 74626 Bretzfeld,
Phone: 07946 948643

Dieter Wacker, April 15, 2012

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