What colours are available?

If you have ever seen Pulis or been to one of our Puli events, you could already get a good overview of the many different colours. Black pulis are one of the most common, but there are also white, grey or masquerade colours. A total of 5 colors are defined in the standard of the Puli.


White is a pearl white without traces of bread blonde. We have Züchter who breed pure white. So their breeding goal is to achieve a bright white in all puppies, with good pigmentation of nose, skin and throat.

Different black

The wonderful thing about the colours of the Puli is that, for example, black is not the same as black. For example, there are pulis with black cord, which have a slightly reddish hue, the so-called rust approach. This is often only visible in sunlight. Then there are black pulis with white graverized hair, which then, depending on the proportion of white hair, appear a little gray. Pitch-black pulis without any of the nuances mentioned above are rare. Also for the black Pulis there are Züchter, which make pure black matings.

Grey and masked falcon

The grey is often not uniformly grey. A lively play of colours makes every dog unique. Masked falb comes from the Hungarian maszkos fakó. Fakó means as much as colouring/bleaching. The puppies are usually born very dark and become lighter and lighter with time, they bleach out. The dark mask in the face, around the muzzle, remains. The Puli "colours" and then appears in many shades, from grey to various beige-brown tones. Mostly the colour of the masked Puli changes throughout its life. For example, in the Club there was a Puli, who was born very dark, became grey-brown masked falcon and was almost black again when he was old. Grey Pulis are also born dark and usually get a grey discoloration around the eyes already in puppyhood. From there the grey covers the whole body until adulthood. Because the colour grey has not been in the standard so long, we have no grey Puli in our cattery or in the Club. We hope this will change in the next few years.

So the Puli is a "colourful" dog, which is available in many colour variations. Each of these colours is special and we make sure that all colours are preserved in the breeding.

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