Does a Puli have a hunting instinct? Do I have to be careful when I go for a walk?

The Puli is bred as a herding dog. That means he looks after the herds of sheep and cattle of the Hungarian shepherds. A hunting instinct is rather disturbing there, because it would distract the Puli from its work.
During our hikes with the other Puli friends we often experienced situations where deer jumped over the path just in front of us. Our herding dogs did not even look up. There was no sign of a hunting instinct.

However, as with all characteristics, there are also differences in the hunting instinct, how strongly these are pronounced. The Puli can also use its good nose to pick up a trail of game. We could not observe any real interest or ambition to actually kill the game. But even the approach of a dog disappearing in the woods can be quite annoying for some people.

Decisive is the moment when your quadruped thinks that the recorded track might be interesting. This can be seen very well from the behaviour. The body tension increases due to the greater interest. Perhaps the position of the ears will also change, which with a little practice you can also see on your Puli with its many cord. It is precisely in this situation that one should give a command, which distracts from the hunting instinct.

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