What is the character of Puli?

They say so beautifully that only the inner values really count and the Puli character has a lot to offer here too! First and foremost, a Puli contains a huge portion of vitality and cheerfulness that is simply intoxicating. This, coupled with his friendly and humane nature, makes him a wonderful companion in many situations in life.

Puli character sociable with cat

Whether singles, couples or families with children of all ages, the Puli fits in just about anywhere and is faithful and affectionate. New family members, whether two- or four-legged, he usually "adopts" very quickly. As a real herding dog he is alert, looks after his family and keeps the "pack" together.
His intelligence, curiosity and eagerness to learn make the upbringing of the Pulis quite uncomplicated, if one clarifies lovingly but consistently from the beginning who is in charge and maintains a clear line. Because the Puli also has a healthy self-confidence that should not be underestimated. Also the barking joy of the Pulis, which we do not want to conceal here, is absolutely controllable by a consistent education from the puppy age on.

The Puli character is lively, quite adventurous and fun for everyone. But he is not "hyperactive". In the house he is calm and content when he simply has his people around him.

The friendly Puli character shows everywhere

Puli character laughsEven sporty people have the right dog at their side with a Puli. Due to his joy of learning, playing and working and his tireless nature, he is suitable for many branches of dog sports such as Agility, Dog Dancing, Obedience etc. The Puli is also a good choice as a riding companion dog or jogging partner. Since he has no hunting instinct and is closely attached to his humans, he also brings the right conditions for this.

The list of versatile applications for which the Puli is suitable due to its characteristics can be continued for a long time.

  • Therapy dog,
  • Visiting dog,
  • Office dog,
  • Herding dog at the herd
  • and so on

But better than any theoretical description of its character traits, it is of course better to get to know the Puli live ... its charm is stunning.

We have compiled further interesting answers on the topic "Frequently asked questions" for you.

Puli character sporty

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