How many puppies does a Puli get?

"How many puppies?" is the exciting question in every litter. Pulis have on average between 4 and 6 puppies. So a litter is not very large in this breed. Litter sizes of 9 or even 11 puppies are quite common, but they are rather rare. Whether a litter is currently in the planning stage, you can quickly find out at the litter planning or cover reports see. Maybe they already did an ultrasound. Then one can guess how high the number will probably be.

Although the bitch has only 6 teats, all puppies are provided with the important mother's milk by the bitch. This is also the case when there are more babies than teats. Of course the Züchter has the breeder in mind, if feeding is necessary. The mother can then make good use of this support.

The number of puppies in a litter is also an important characteristic for the vitatlity of the breed. Therefore, we at the German Puli Club monitor this number very closely. With the appropriate advice and the exchange of our Züchter among each other, we ensure a healthy mixing of the gene pool. Therefore, the characteristic of how many puppies are born has been the same on average for years. As a breeding club the importance of the breeding in the German Puli Club is particularly high. Just click on the link and find out more. The Züchter themselves or the chief breeding supervisor It's worth a call.

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