Does a Puli need employment? All the time?

The Puli is a very sporty dog. Therefore the question arises immediately: Does his agility and endurance also lead to the fact that he has to be constantly occupied. The good news is that the Puli doesn't need or demand any special occupation in order to be and remain healthy. Of course he should make his rounds 2 to 3 times a day. This depends on the duration of the walk. A good recommendation is that the Puli should be "walked" for 1.5 hours on average. Of course he is happy about more walks.

Lying comfortably with your mistress or master on the coach or under the table is excellent. He is then also not impatient or needs an occupation. Since the Puli is a herding dog, it is enough for him to guard his herd.

The nice thing about Puli is that it is fully available when you want to do something with it. But in the same way he can also enjoy life and doze the day.

We often have questions about the possibilities of a Puli employment. In our "Frequently Asked Questions" section, we get to the bottom of the many fields of activity in leisure and sports and report on Agility, Obidience, Dog Dance. But you can also horse riding with the Puli. So there are many areas of application that can be used to keep the Puli busy and to create your own feeling of happiness when being together with your pet.

We have compiled further interesting answers on the topic "Frequently asked questions" for you.

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