How can I join the Club?

You have probably already been to our site about our Club or read about the various activities and events with and by our members. If you now want to register with our Admission Form (with the Privacy Policy Information Sheet), you can simply download and fill it out. Send it signed to so that you can officially join the Club. We will get back to you.

What costs do I have to expect if I want to join the Club?

The annual fee for full members is 45.00 €, for family members (all members living in the same household) 15.00 €. The partner contribution is 10,00 €. A one-time admission fee of 15.00 € is charged with the application. For applications submitted after 30.06. each year the annual fee is halved. Please note that with the new SEPA scheme, all information is entered in the acceptance form. Only then can we execute the direct debit.

What happens next?

They will welcome you as a new member in the next issue of our Puli newspaper. After a period of x days you are then an official member of the German Puli Club.

We look forward to meeting you on the next Pulispaziergang. Together with our Puli and a lot of like-minded people we will surely have a good time together. In any case there is enough to talk about with the Puli.

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