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Can I join the Club with my Pulimish? - you are welcome at the German Puli Club at Puli.de

Can I also join the Club with my Puli mix?

Pulimischling welcome

Perhaps you have already read our presentation of the Club. We are a cosmopolitan, hospitable Club, who is happy to welcome friends, parents or simply interested people at every meeting of the Puli crazy people. Many of our members have another dog themselves. In the foreground of our Clublife is the beautiful togetherness, no matter whether therefore is Pulimish or not.

So it is not surprising that we also like to welcome a Puli Mischling in our house. Often there are very interesting and exciting stories behind the lives of the Pulimischlinge. We have an open ear for these backgrounds and are also available with our knowledge if required. Because we know all about the special characteristics of hair. Feel free to browse through our section "Frequently asked questions". Maybe we'll get things sorted out. But our openness is also reflected in the fact that we would like to invite you to simply join us for the next walk or another event. A short mail in advance that you would like to come and maybe you would like to have dinner with us after the walk.

Puli Mischling with register papers

Registration papers are certificates of a Puli Breeding Judge that the presented dog corresponds to the breed standard in its characteristics. So this means that a Puli Mongrel certainly has a lot of the phenotypic (external) appearance of the Hungarian Shepherd Dogs. With a register paper one is even entitled to breed within the Clubs.

The puppies will get normal pedigrees. But then the side of the ancestor side of the (mixed-breed) parent is empty. The ancestors of the breeding partner are of course listed.

We have compiled further interesting answers on the topic "Frequently asked questions" for you.


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