What are the breeding requirements?

The dog breed Puli is a very original dog breed. It is a healthy breed. To keep it that way we put a special emphasis on the health of the bitch and the male dog in the breeding. Since we as Club want to preserve this rare shepherd dog, this goes without saying. These breeding conditions are important, so that with vital puppies are available.

Breeding requirements for the bitch and the male dog

The Puli bitch must have presented herself to a breeding judge at a show. This then assigns a rating, which must be at least an "SG" (very good). If you have a purebred Puli, then this is a mere formality due to its originality.

These examinations are done by the veterinarian:

All in all, these are not many breeding requirements that have to be met by the Puli. The reason for these investigations is to preserve the Puli in its genetic diversity. This means that within the breed standard there should be the whole range of characteristics that make the Puli so varied.

Reason for this caution

Unfortunately, there are not so many Puli's left both within Germany and in other countries. This means that you have to be careful when choosing your breeding partners. In a population as small as the Puli it would be very difficult to get rid of a disease like HD. There is simply not so much choice and if more animals were ill, even fewer breed representatives would be available for breeding.


With the knowledge of the importance of the few prerequisites one can keep this wonderful shepherd dog healthy. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the chief breeding supervisor

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