How does a Puli behave in the city?

The Puli is happy in the city or in the country, if he has enough exercise and can be with his master or mistress. As a herding dog he is very social and sociable. This also means that a visit to a café or restaurant is not a problem at all.

The traffic in a city is of course an important point that should be taken into account in dog training. Our Züchter socialize the little puppies and show them the world in which they experience very different situations. This way you learn a lot and are best prepared for your life e.g. in the city. One of them is certainly that they come into contact with cars and road traffic and thus experience this part of the city as normal. A close relationship with his people is very important.

Early practice and the positive confirmation of good behavior quickly shows the docile guardian what is desired. Consistency and frequent repetition are very helpful. If everything works out well, then you can even go one step further. There are members in the club who can run their Puli freely in the city. He never leaves her side. However, this should first be trained in a protected environment.

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