How long can you breed with a Puli?

We have defined exactly in the German Puli Club how long breeding with a Puli is allowed in order to protect the bitch. The bitch must not be older than 8 years. Because we want to protect the bitches from exploitation with this limitation, it makes of course also sense to fix the beginning of the breeding at the age of 18 months of the bitch. Experience has shown that the pregnancy and raising of the puppies is a great effort for the bitch. Many women will be able to confirm this quickly. The health and vitality of the mother is accordingly also a very decisive factor for the health and vitality of the puppies. The preservation of the still very original dog breed Puli is our most important goal.

Unfortunately there are Züchter whose aim is to constantly increase the production of as many puppies as possible. This is how it manifests itself: The bitches don't get time to regenerate after a litter. Rather, the next mating is then already tackled.

For our Züchter there is no question that

  1. the bitch must have a minimum age
  2. the distances between the litters must be maintained and
  3. the bitch at the age of 8 years no longer has to go through the efforts of pregnancy and birth.

The German Puli Club has set the intervals between litters in such a way that no more than one litter in 18 months is allowed. Thus we make sure that besides the careful selection of the parents, the vitality and health of the bitch is also of great importance.

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